Table of Content

Part 1

  • Active Directory - Introduction
  • Active Directory - Manual Enumeration
  • Active Directory - Enumeration Using Legacy Windows Tools
  • Enumerating Active Directory using PowerShell and
  • Adding Search Functionality to our Script
  • AD Enumeration with PowerView
  • Getting an Overview - Permissions and Logged on
  • Enumeration Through Service Principal Names
  • Enumerating Object Permissions
  • Enumerating Domain Shares
  • Active Directory-Automated Enumeration
  • Collecting Data with SharpHound
  • Analysing Data using BloodHound


Part 2

  • Attacking Active Directory Authentication
  • Understanding Active Directory Authentication
  • NTLM Authentication
  • Keberos Authentication
  • Cached AD Credentials
  • Performing Attacks on Active Directory Authentication
  • Password Attacks
  • AS-REP Roasting
  • Kerberoasting
  • Silver Tickets
  • Domain Controller Synchronization
  • Lateral Movement in Active Directory
  • WMI and WinRM
  • PsExec
  • Pass the Hash
  • Pass the Ticket
  • Persistence
  • Golden Ticket
Swati Laxmi
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Hall Name: Hall 3
Time: 8 Hour

We will cover fundamentals of Active directory and related attacks — Directory Introduction and Enumeration Active Directory – manual and automated enumeration, Operating Systems, SPNs, Object permissions, domain shares, authentication, ntlm, kerberos, cached AD, AD attacks – weak permissions, kerberos attacks – golden ticket, silver ticket, as-rep roasting, kerberoasing, dcsync, cached credentials, tickets, shadow copies, tools like impacket, bloodhound, sharphound, lateral movement in the domain, forest.

About Speakers

Founder of CRAC LEARNING. I am a cybersecurity enthusiast exploring multiple domains in security, learning and keeping myself updated with latest trends and techniques. Worked with great teams at Amazon, AWS, Microsoft. Also an active volunteer to help budding talent and initiatives in cybersecurity research and awareness.