10:00 AM
Rudra Singh
Getting started with web3 bug bounties

10:45 AM
Armaan Pathan
Revolutionising Web Security: Mastering Same Origin Policy Bypass Methods for Dynamic Web Applications

11:30 AM
Alex Devassy
Primer into SAP Penetration testing & OWASP SAPkiln

12:15 PM
Rohan Kumar Birtia
Getting Started into container & k8s security

2:00 PM
SQlmAp tool workshop

10:00 AM
Jayesh Ahire, Roshan Piyush
API Security Deep Dive

3:00 PM
Nikhil Shrivastava
Exploring Application Logic: Uncovering Unusual Vulnerabilities

3:30 PM
Manas Harsh
Breaking the Access: Finding Hidden BACs in Wild

4:00 PM
Swapneel Patneka
Uncovering badness - tracking and tackling domain name abuse