Panel Discussion Proposal

Impromptu Founders & CISOs Meet


The Information Security field thrives on innovation, but for a founder's innovation to have a significant impact on the industry, it must traverse a long and challenging journey.

As we have witnessed in Silicon Valley, Cyber Security innovations receive substantial backing and support from CISOs/CTOs. What is the situation in India?

Let's explore the dynamics of the relationship between CISOs and founders in India. What are the founders' expectations from the leaders, and what does it take for these leaders to support innovative startups?


Join us in this electrifying discussion, where James Robinson (Deputy CISO, Netskope) will provide insights from the Silicon Valley Cyber Security ecosystem. Rahul Sasi (Founder of CloudSEK) and Lavakumar Kuppan (Founder of will share their journeys as Indian founders and discuss the support they have received or not received. To offer the Indian CISO perspective, we have Amol Naik (CISO at Unacademy), Himanshu Das (CISO at Cred), Jayesh Chauhan (CISO at CoinSwitch), Dhiraj Ranka (CISO at TATA AIG General Insurance Limited) & Sunil Yadav (Founder - x-Biz Techventures Private Limited)


Ajit Hatti (Founder of PureID) will moderate the session for the very first time, facilitating a candid discussion between founders and CISOs at the SeaSides.


Comfortable seating, coffee/beer, session recordings, and lots of love from the audience.