Soldering Stations
Learn and practice soldering techniques. Build and solder basic electronic circuits to enhance your hardware skills.
Firmware Station - Flashing Firmware
Understand how to update and flash firmware on devices. Explore the software side of hardware hacking.
PCB Station - Ports and Components
Identify different ports, connectors, and components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Learn to recognize their functions.
Lock Picking Station
Explore the art of lock picking and lock manipulation. Discover the vulnerabilities in physical security systems.
Drone Hacking Station
Dive into the world of drone hacking. Explore security aspects, vulnerabilities, and potential modifications.
Flipper Zero Station
Learn about Flipper Zero, a multifunctional security and hacking tool. Explore its features and potential applications.
3D Printing Station
Experience 3D printing technology. Learn about designing, creating, and prototyping physical objects.
HAM Radio Station
Engage with amateur radio communication. Discover the principles of HAM radio and its role in the hardware hacking community.

CTF Badge Quest
Engage in a Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge specifically designed for the event's badge. Solve security puzzles and tasks to earn points.
Please Carry your own micro-usb cable
Unique Soldering Badge
Participate in creating a unique soldering badge. Learn soldering techniques while assembling a badge that represents the event.