HighRadius Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

Elevate your cybersecurity journey with HighRadius!

We're thrilled to announce a Capture The Flag (CTF) event, designed especially for hiring top-tier talent.

Are you passionate about cybersecurity? Get ready to prove your skills and register now for a thrilling challenge!

📅Event Timeline:
Start: September 2nd 2023, 12:00 AM (IST)
End: September 3rd 2023, 11:59 PM (IST)

Rules and Guidelines:

1. No Brute Forcing: Brute forcing flags is strictly prohibited.
2. No DDoS Attacks: Engaging in DDoS attacks against the CTF platform or related infrastructure is against the rules.
3. Respect for Infrastructure: Tampering with the CTF platform's functionality is prohibited.
4. Individual Participation: Solve challenges individually. Sharing solutions, hints, or flags is not allowed.
5. Code of Conduct: Adhere to our Code of Conduct for a positive and safe environment.
6. No Automated Tools: Usage of automated vulnerability scanners or tools generating excessive traffic is not allowed.

Please take note of the above points. Unethical behavior, such as DDOS attacks, sharing flags, unauthorized tool usage, or exploiting vulnerabilities beyond the intended scope, will result in disqualification.

Further instructions and event details, including event timings and login information, will be provided in a subsequent email closer to the event. Be sure to monitor your inbox for updates. Remember, the Hiring CTF is not just a competition; it's a platform to showcase your skills.

Note: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews on the 19th September 2023. Requesting you to please plan your travel accordingly.

We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming CTF event. Get ready to demonstrate your skills and make an impact!🔐🚀