AppSecEngineer is the only application security training platform you’ll ever need.

With the help of hands-on labs, learn from over 50 courses in Cloud Security, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and more. Featuring content by Black Hat trainers, we teach AppSec using the ‘Attack - Detect - Defend’ method. Every course offers a complete view of Offensive and Defensive security. Our hands-on approach is ideal both for career-seekers and large-scale enterprises. The skills you learn are directly applicable in real-world security scenarios.

With over 2000 learners and counting, we’re one of the fastest-growing AppSec learning platforms in the world.

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Why be a partner of Seasides 2022?

As educators in the application security space, we believe it's our responsibility to be the voice of the industry. As partners of the Seasides Conference, we're looking forward to interacting with security professionals from around the world. We're proud to take part in an event that spreads awareness on the most pressing issues in the cybersecurity space.

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