CredShields is providing Next-gen security services for Web3.

The team behind Credshields is building. is a cloud-based security scanner that helps developers and auditors find security vulnerabilities in solidity-based smart contracts. The application is on a self-serve-based model where a user can input smart contract codes in 3 ways 1) Through Github public and Private repositories. 2) Through direct file uploads. 3) Through verified contracts on platforms like etherscan, bscscan, etc.

SolidityScan offers a feature to rescan the codes once a fix is deployed. The application is smart enough to track bug fixes and automatically updates the status of the bug.

SolidityScan also offers a report generation feature that allows any user to generate an audit report for the community at a click of a button once all the bugs have been fixed. Currently, SolidityScan detects 100+ types of security vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

Why be a partner of Seasides 2022?

We believe web3 is the future, and every upcoming technology needs to be secure. There is a lack of security research in web3 and smart contract security, and this gap can be filled by sharing knowledge and research, which happens at Seasides.

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