Table of Content

Hands-on in Signal intelligence, Electronic Warfare, CEMA for
Security applications

1. What is Electronic Warfare?
2. History and evolution of EW
3. EW-101
4. Example of practical EW
5. Ideal EW setting
6. Understanding Electronic Order of Battle
7. Spectrum Management in a highly contested environment
8. Software Defined Radio
9. Introduction to software defined radio
10.Components and working of a SDR
11.Hands on 0 - Installing a spectrum scanner/demodulator and reception of FM
12.Hands on 0.1 - Installing SigDigger, audacity, multipsk and vbaudiocable
13.Hands on 1 - Installing necessary software for SDR toolchain
14.Hands on 2 - Installing a OOT
15.Hands on 3 - Understanding a simple code flow in installed software
16.Hands on 4 - Tone reception
17.Understanding sample rate effects in a SDR
18.Noise in communication systems
19.Introduction to wireless channel
20.An example wireless channel
21.Understanding hardware and channel effects in SDR
22.Blind Signal analysis - 1
23.Blind Signal analysis - 2
24.Blind Signal Analysis - 3
25.Understanding Analog and Digital modulation - Theory
26.Baseband and passband
27.Blind Signal Analysis - 4
28.Blind Signal Analysis - 5
29.Understanding and reversing of a signal in offline analysis
30.High level introduction to orbit tracking
31.CTF playtime


  • Ubuntu -20.04
  • Internet


Samarth Bhaskar

Hall Name: Hall 1
Time: 8 Hour

The course will teach you reverse engineer analog and digital signals Attendees will be oppurtunity to capture reverse and analyse analog and digital communication signals in time and frequency domain and understand different analog and digital modulation schemes using open source tool chain and complete knowledge on Signal intelligence domain

About Speakers

Samarth Bhaskar Bhat, Technical Director at REINFOSEC PVT LTD

▪ Over six years of experience in Information Security, design and development of Application

▪ Software.

▪ Audited 50+ business Web-Applications in the areas of Banking, Finance, Insurance, Trading and eCommerce.

▪ Conducted security audit of Payment Gateway.

▪ Expertise in handling various Application security Assessments, Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessment

▪ Good work exposure on implementation of SOC (Security Operation Centre) and Data Loss Prevention

▪ Proficient in understanding application level vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL injection, response splitting attacks, session hijacking, authorization bypass, weak cryptography, authentication flaws & design level vulnerabilities along with the defence mechanisms.

▪ Expert in web security testing tools like Proxy Editors, Network Sniffing tools, Web Vulnerability scanners, flash de-compilers.

▪ Well versed with OWASP Top 10 `

▪ Proficiency in creating Threat profile for different types of applications

▪ Knowledge of different phases, methodologies, concepts and procedures involved in the PT/VA.

▪ Good understanding of vulnerability scanners like Nessus, QualysGuard, Rapid7 and Symantec CCSVM.

▪ Expertise in implementation and configuration disk encryption and email encryption (PGP)

▪ Sound knowledge on remediation process for the vulnerabilities identified during the assessment

▪ Proficient in Information security reporting for executive management

▪ Trained in secure code review of .NET applications.

▪ Trained in web services testing methodology.

▪ Sound knowledge of T-SQL, Crystal Reports, VBA, C# (Winforms), Visual Basic.NET

▪ Expertise in database programming

▪ Experienced with exposure and experience in understanding, reversing and

▪ fuzzing wireless protocols in the RF-Layer of systems.

▪ Experienced in reversing hardware protocols and implementing hardware attacks and threatmodelling of Wireless and Signals Systems. Have previous exposure and experience in Signal Design and Offensive Signal Tactics. Presently working on application of EW and SIGINT techniques in the Aerospace and Defence domain. Personal projects include machine learning and deep learning methods of recognition and deepfaking signals that can cause signal cant impact on the physical domain/layer of systems and OpenWRT for mesh networking.

▪ Signal Detection meta information extraction of signals using Commercially available SDR platforms.

▪ Protocol decomposition ofsignal of interest.

▪ Baseline formulation of minimum jamming requirements for RADAR and datalink.

▪ Utilization of SDR for SIGINT and ELINT in drones.

▪ Proof of Concept development of DRFM systems using commercially available SDR.

▪ Telecom signal (LTE) reconnaissance using commercially available SDR/

▪ Radio Direction Finding (RDF) and aggregation using commercially avaialble SDR.

▪ Establishment of CEMA guidelines for EW and Cross layer protocol research.

▪ Bechmarking of default DSP algorithms in GP-CPU’s using python (adopted from BDTI guidelines). `

▪ Development of PoC of Automatic Modulation Recognition techniques using function models in python. ▪ 3D cyclostationary analysis ofsignalsfor operator visulalization.

▪ IQ signal generator and interference generator using SDR for RDF testing.

▪ Information security baseline for CEMA and ELINT operations