Blockchain Security Fundamentals



Blockchain technology is growing rapidly and adaptation is getting higher day by day! However, hackers are also findings ways to break into it! In this webinar, you will start learning from scratch about What is blockchain, and why blockchain? Then we will go through how security controls are added to the blockchain with practical labs.

Following topics will be covered during the session:

  1. Basics of Blockchain
  2. Blockchain Use Cases
  3. Hashing Algorithm
  4. Distributed Blockchain
  5. Block Mining
  6. Blockchain Security Controls
  7. Smart Contract
  8. Smart Contract Security Audit
  9. CTF

About Trainer :

Hi, this is Swaroop Yermalkar. I have over 10+ years of industry experience in information security. In the past, I have worked with Persistent System, Philips Healthcare, Lithium, and Traveloka in various roles as Security Engineer, Lead Product Security. I have a great interest in presenting my security research and I have spoken in 10+ international conferences including AppSec USA, AppSec Israel, Defcon 25 (AppSec Village)! I’m an author of 2 cyber security books, also holds OSCE, OSCP, etc