Drone Hacking Workshop



Note: Limited DJI Tello development platform will be provided during the workshop
Note: The Village will run till the time Hardware is there.

Drone Hacking workshop sponsored by SecureLayer7

Build your own hacking gadgets

Join our trainers as they walk you through the development & vulnerabilities of Drones, from an introduction of drone security to programming & hacking a drone. This workshop will provide you with the tools & methodologies to start development. Understanding of common security posture & what it takes to hack it.


  1. Introduction to Drone Hacking
    • Hardware Introduction
    • Software Introduction
    • Operational Courtesies / Polite Piloting
    • Safety & Rules and Laws
    • Case Study: Tello Learning
    • LAB 01: Setting Up Tello and Software
  2. Core UAV Technology
    • Core Hardware and Electronics
    • Sensors and Batteries
    • RF Communication and Protocols
    • LAB 02: Setting up and preparing OS for drone hacking
  3. UAV Robotics as an ecosystem
    • Autonomous vs. Autonomy
    • Ground Stations: PC/Linux/OSx
    • Use Case
    • LAB 03: Programming Drones
  4. Wireless Recon
    • Process Overview
    • Tools to use
    • Vulnerability Research
    • LAB 04: Wireless Recon
  5. Drone Hacking
    • Famous Drone “hacks” to date
    • Attack Vectors
    • LAB 05: Exploiting and Hijacking a Drone


  • 1 days


  • Laptop with 6+GB of RAM
  • Internet Connectivity


  • Basic Knowledge of Python Programming
  • Open Mind

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing your first drone code to control DJI Tello
  • Understanding of security concepts around drones
  • Approach towards exploiting drones