Hardware Hacking Workshop



The main objective is to provide to each interested person a vulnerable board to improve their skill in hardware hacking. The board core is composed of an Atmega328p and an OLED screen. For each vulnerability, a firmware could be flashed on the Atmega328p in order to offer a specific vulnerable environment.

There are also ports for UART, Bluetooth, 2,4Ghz and Wifi. In every challenge, a specific extension board must be plugged to the main-board to solve it. Hacking requires attack tools like USBasp and USBuart.


  1. Introduction to Damn Vulnerable IOT Device [DVID]
  2. Introduction to electronic components
  3. How to hack a DVID?
  4. Demonstration of attacks
  5. Labs
    • LAB 01: Hardware Challenge
    • LAB 02: Bluetooth Challenge
    • LAB 03: Firmware Challenge
    • LAB 04: Escape Challenge


  • 1 days


  • Laptop with 6+GB of RAM
  • Internet Connectivity


  • Zeal to learn
  • Open Mind

Key Takeaways:

  • Identifying the component and lookup the data sheet
  • Approach towards firmware extraction
  • Understanding communication protocols
  • Hardware exploitation