Web Application Security



Web Application Security Training is a One-Day Training to be conducted at Seasides.

Following topics will be covered during the session:

  1. Introduction
    • Hacking, Ethical Hacking, OWASP
    • Reconnaissance, Information Gathering and why it is important
    • Burp Suite Tool and useful extenders
    • HTTP/HTTPS Basics
  2. Common Issues Detection and Exploitation and Remediation
    • Authentication, Authorization
    • Session Management and JWT attacks
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    • SQL Injection
    • CORS
    • CSRF
    • Command Injection
    • Business Logic Vulnerabilities
    • API security
    • XXE & SSRF


Anyone who is interested in Ethical Hacking and Pen testing

What will you learn!

  • Where and how to start for Vulnerability Assessment
  • Understanding of Web Application Vulnerabilities and its impact
  • Identify the possibility of vulnerability in the application
  • Hands on experience with using the Burp Tool for performing the pen testing


  • Laptop/System with minimum 10 GB Hard Disk Space & 4GB RAM with administrative privileges
  • Updated Virtual-box installed
  • 2 Functional USB Ports

About Trainer :

Swathi Kudva is working as an Application Security Team Lead at Appsecco. Swathi is an Application Security enthusiast with a strong passion for Web security, Mobile Application Security and Modern API Security. Swathi has a total of 6 years’ experience in client facing security assessments and has worked on applications of different domains comprising of healthcare, banking, e-commerce etc, which has given her an insight into the critical vulnerabilities present in these applications. Swathi has identified several critical issues in various websites.