Ashish Bhangale



Ashish Bhangale is a Senior Security Researcher at INE. Prior to joining INE, He was working as a senior security researcher at Pentester Academy (Acquired by INE). He has 8+ years of experience in Network and Web Application Security. He has also worked with the state law enforcement agencies in the capacity of a Digital Forensics Investigator and was instrumental in solving IT fraud/crime cases. He has presented/published his work at Blackhat, DEFCON USA/China, Wireless Village and IoT village. He has contributed to many innovative research projects like Chigula (WiFi Forensics Framework) and Chellam (First pure WiFi Firewall) frameworks, and created multiple projects like Vulnerable Web Application OSes, Vulnerable Router Project and Damn Vulnerable Wordpress. His areas of interest include Advanced Pentesting, Forensics, WiFi and AD security.