Table of Content

Environment Initialization: Dive into the Microsoft Sentinel workspace, deploying a tailored training lab solution, and setting up dynamic playbooks to maximize incident response.

Data Connector Mastery: Seamlessly integrate multiple data connectors such as Azure Activity, Azure Defender, and Threat Intelligence TAXII, facilitating an enriched security event and data collection.

Analytics Rule Expertise: Gain proficiency in analytics rules, encompassing rule creation, reviewing advanced multistage attack detection capabilities, and learning the intricacies of security incident genesis and management.

Incident Management Excellence: Delve deep into the arsenal of Microsoft Sentinel's incident tools. Learn to adeptly manage specific incidents like "Sign-ins from suspicious IPs" or the "Solorigate Network Beacon", enriching your incidents with IOCs and seamlessly handover incidents for further action.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Harness the power of MITRE techniques to actively hunt threats, bookmark your findings, and escalate crucial bookmarks to incidents, ensuring a proactive approach to your cybersecurity posture.

Watchlist & Whitelisting: Understand the pivotal role of watchlists in threat detection and master the art of IP address allow-listing within analytics rules.

Threat Intelligence Acumen: Explore the expansive realm of Threat Intelligence, from data connectors to analytics rules, and navigate the informative Threat Intelligence Workbook to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Content Hub Exploration: Dive into the Microsoft Sentinel Content Hub, deploying, reviewing, and enabling new content solutions, enriching your security stack with the latest defensive measures.

Setu Parimini
Hall Name: Hall 5
Time: 4 Hour

Venture deep into the heart of cloud-native threat detection and response with our hands-on Microsoft Sentinel training program. This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to empower security professionals with advanced skills, techniques, and actionable insights to fortify their digital infrastructures.

About Speakers

Setu Parimi, CTO of RiskProfiler With a career trajectory that arches from scripting automations for the earliest social networks like Orkut to architecting advanced cloud security blueprints for industry juggernauts such as Amazon, HSBC, Barclays, and Vodafone, Setu Parimi stands out as a stalwart in the cybersecurity realm. His expertise is not just confined to the corporate echelons; Setu’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to lay the foundation of, an avant-garde platform designed to combat external cybersecurity threats. RiskProfiler specializes in Third-Party Risk, Attack Surface Management, and Automated Vendor Questionnaire Assessments, all mapped into a comprehensive security graph. As the CTO of RiskProfiler, Setu’s role extends far beyond the titular responsibilities. He embodies the essence of a startup leader, diving deep into tech intricacies, leading groundbreaking research, strategizing product direction, and even navigating the vast landscapes of documentation. His hands-on approach to sprint planning and ensuring customer success has rightfully earned him the moniker of a “glorified CTO.” Setu’s areas of expertise are vast and varied. They encompass cloud security architecture, application security, penetration testing, and product security. His tenure at illustrious corporations like Time Inc., Crum & Forster, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has equipped him with a profound understanding of the security challenges faced by businesses and the innovative solutions required to address them. An alumnus of Anna University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from Murray State University, Setu’s commitment to knowledge is evident. But beyond the corporate and educational accolades, lies his unwavering commitment to the cybersecurity community. He’s a familiar face at esteemed conferences like DEF CON and BlackHat, contributes actively to open-source initiatives, and invests time mentoring the next wave of cybersecurity enthusiasts.

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